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The Network

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These networks are composed of many different tribes (denominations, associations, and independents) but hold true to the gospel of Jesus and Him crucified for salvation by grace through faith. Our goal is that every follower of Jesus would be deployed as a part of the mission of God to expand His kingdom throughout the Spokane area and greater Pacific Northwest region.


Our mission is to identify, develop and deploy 400 missionary leaders to start reproducing self-sustaining churches in the Spokane area and extending throughout the Pacific Northwest. 


We also believe that God in his multiplicity of grace uses church planting, multi-site strategies, small churches, mega churches, medium size churches to reach our city through His church. That is why we want to partner together for kingdom effectiveness to inspire, develop, resource, and train church planting teams and sending churches.


Our Networks will seek to uphold these values:



At the core we want to be friends on mission together.  We desire healthy accountability, networking , praying, learning together and all that is relational.  Each network is led by one Network Leader, and consists of 3-6 churches. We meet together monthly to pray, encourage, dream and strategize to accomplish our vision.  All of our area networks will meet together on a quarterly basis in order to share best practices and to encourage/challenge each other to thrive and achieve reproducing goals.



We value being churches committed to reproducing at every level of ministry. This takes an intentional plan for making disciples and developing leaders through an apprentice model and coaching structure. We believe effective collaboration is one of the keys to move from occasionally adding churches to our city (which doesn’t even match attrition) to exponential multiplication.  Each network will create a simple strategic action plan to be intentional with measurable reproducing goals.



We share resources of funding, buildings, leaders, training, and creative content ( message manuscripts, videos and more). Financially, each church within our network will invest in two ways: 1) each church will contribute $1,000 per year AND 2) receive one special offering per year.  By contributing in in these two ways it first provides a baseline “skin in the game” by all contributing the same amount.  Then, through the special offering it levels the playing field for different sized churches.  In a special offering larger churches will typically contribute significantly more than a smaller church.

All of those collective funds stay within the local network for use by the Network for church planting, campus planting, Leadership Resident grants and coaching. Network Leaders are asked to provide an annual summary of how the Network Funds were used for accountability to the Network .



Leadership Residents are apprentice church planters who are being trained to launch a new church or campus.    A Leadership Residency will include: 1) A 12 month Apprenticeship with a Campus Pastor/Lead Pastor at any approved church in the Network; 2) Training as a missionary leader with DNA imprinting from one or more of the collaborating churches. 3) The Resident will carry a weight bearing leadership role.  4) The funding strategy for the Resident will be defined by each network. 


Mike Meade (North Church), Joe Wittwer (Life Center), Rob Fairbanks (Immanuel Spokane), and Richie Shaw (Real Life Spokane), are all church planting pastors and leader developers who are working together to see disciple-making multiplication happen in Spokane and the Pacific Northwest. All are from different churches, denominations, and whose faith communities look and feel different. The common bond is towards the Jesus mission of seeking and saving the lost and making disciples who make disciples.  Will you join us?

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